How to Access Medical Advice for your Clinical Negligence Team

Clinical Negligence Departments are realising the value of obtaining a medical opinion at the earliest opportunity.  Recently there have been announcements of big firms adding nurses and even GPs to their staff. But for smaller Clinical Negligence departments this simply cannot be justified.. or funded. So how can smaller […]

GPs likely to face two Law Suits over their Career

A report by the Medical Protection Society (MPS) states that full time GPs are likely to face two lawsuits over the course of their career – that’s twice as likely as they were seven years ago.
The MPS surveyed 600 GPs and found that they are more likely to be […]

£10,000 Dental Negligence Payout after Dentist ruined Bride’s Teeth Just Months before her Wedding

One bride’s quest to have whiter teeth on her wedding day resulted in cracked veneers, dental damage and an intense period of treatment to get her looking and feeling ‘picture perfect’ for her big day.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment
Aiming to hide the effects of childhood mineral imbalances that resulted in her […]

Rising Complaints against NHS

The Health Service Ombudsman recently released figures showing that the NHS is receiving increasing complaints from the public. Last year 174,872 written complaints were received compared to 162,019 in 2012/3.

Patients’ biggest complaints included medical misdiagnosis, lack of communications and the bad attitude of staff. Others voiced concerns about the […]

Botched Laser Eye Surgery results in £500k Optical Negligence Payout

High street store Optical Express recently had to pay out more than £500,000 damages after ruining the eye sight of a book dealer in botched laser surgery.
In a long and hard-fought litigation battle it was proven that the claimant was never warned about the associated risks and complications of […]

Five Ways to Screen Clinical Negligence Cases

If you are a UK solicitor firm handling clinical negligence cases we can guess your biggest area of concern… establishing how to identify which of your new cases are likely to result in a successful claim.

Firms are keen to quickly discard cases that are unlikely to succeed in order […]

Stop Gambling on Clinical Negligence Cases!

We speak to Clinical Negligence solicitors all the time. Uppermost in their minds is reducing the wasted costs involved in filtering out cases that turn out to be ‘no goers’.

inNeg offers you low cost screening – here’s why. We recognise that it has always been a catch 22 situation; you […]