Ardent Support, represents expert witnesses both new and experienced, helping them to manage and develop the business side of their medico-legal practices. Our experience, inside industry knowledge and well-established current exposure in the market will be put to use to help you optimise your medico-legal practice and match your business needs.

Foundation Service

Common to all medico legal experts, you can take advantage of any, or all, of the following good business practices available to experts that we represent and included as part of our service to you.

  • Promotion to high calibre instructing parties
  • Management of inbound inquiries and provision of quotes to instructing parties
  • Due Diligence (including credit checking) instructing parties
  • Fully Managed Service of all Financial Aspects – fees, terms, contractual obligations, quote management, billing, formatting etc
  • Negotiation of fees, terms and contractual obligations with instructing parties
  • Debt Management & Collection – ensuring invoices are paid in a timely manner
  • Paperless Office: All records and imaging provided to you online using an ‘expert-approved’ viewer
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New to Medico Legal

Get Me Started

For all experts looking to develop or who have recently started accepting medico-legal instructions, we provide a full service supporting and advising you through the process with a holistic business support on all financial and business. development areas. We include everything in the Foundation Service with a special emphasis on:


Looking to Increase Instructions

For the more experienced expert looking to expand their practice, this service focuses on developing and building new relationships with high calibre instructing parties across the country. We include everything in the Foundation Service with a special emphasis on:

I’m Too Busy

Optimise My Current Workload

For the expert with an established practice looking for support in optimising their current workload. This service places an emphasis on supporting you with financial advice, business efficiency assessments and reducing your admin time with debt management. We include everything in the Foundation Service with a special emphasis on:

  • Mentorship and Guidance
  • Introduction support to all instructions
  • Network of friendly experts from your discipline who you can tap into for advice
  • Consultant led, report proofreading service
  • Grow and establish your work stream to build an established medico-legal practice
  • A specific emphasis on increasing your exposure to high calibre instructing parties
  • Active promotion to help increase the number of instructions you receive
  • Optimising your current instructions
  • Increasing your business efficiency
  • Improving your invoicing and debt management
  • Adding control to your medico-legal practice
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“Our experienced team has worked on thousands of cases over the last 20 years and we are in a position to offer experts support and advice whilst providing complete flexibility to ensure our services are bespoke for you”

– Dr Simon Lister, Clinical Director

Benefits of Working With Ardent

Promotion to high calibre instructing parties

Our industry experience and contacts with major instructing parties, both claimant and defendant, allows us to raise your profile with these instructing parties.

Management of Inbound Inquiries 

Time is money as they say, which is why we support our experts to ensure that all inbound enquiries are dealt with and all requested details provided to the instructing parties in a timely manner.

Due Diligence on Instructing Parties

Almost all experienced experts have accepted instructions that in hindsight perhaps they should have passed on. Whether it was to do with poor payment or poor instructing party. Ardent look to avoid these issues by providing you with Credit check information and industry knowledge before accepting an instruction. 

Fully Managed Service of all Financial Aspects

Based on our industry knowledge we can advise the optimum fees and terms to use, support you with contractual obligations with instructing parties as well as Negotiation with instructing parties to ensure the best outcome for you. 

Debt Management & Collection

One of the toughest parts of a medico-legal practice is ensuring invoicing is done correctly and debt is paid at the right time. We undertake all this on your behalf ensuring that invoices are sent using correct accounting procedures as well as debt management and ensuring timely payments.

Paperless Office

We now can also facilitate a paperless office for your medico-legal practice by ensuring that all paper records and medical imaging are provided electronically. No more fiddling around trying to open discs to view the imaging as it will all be available on an ‘expert-approved’ viewer.

Whatever service you choose, our ambition is to understand your requirements and through that add value to your business. Our team has over 60 years combined experience and we pride ourselves on putting the control back into your hands.

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