Our experienced panel of high quality and specialist medical experts can be called upon at any stage of the claims process

We offer 3 stages to success.

What we do…


Initial Screening Opinion

This is a Stage One report based on a case synopsis which will be returned to you in less than a week. Ideal for obtaining cover and gives added protection against professional indemnity.


Preliminary Report

This is a Stage Two report based on the high level review of medical records. It helps you to assess the merits of the case. Ideal for producing a worthy letter of claim or letter of response. Avoid wasted costs and only proceed with your strongest cases.


Court Compliant Report

This is a Stage Three report provided by a specialist expert and can cover breach of duty, causation, condition and prognosis.

What you do…


Pick your Winners!

Concentrate your resources on those cases you are most likely to win, very early on in the process.


Save Money

Reduce your case funding costs and disbursement write-offs.


Work Smarter

Speed up your work in progress to recoup your profit costs sooner.

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