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Clinical negligence cases are costly and time consuming

You need to do everything you can to reduce the time and money spent on cases that are not going to succeed.

Get medical advice as early as possible

The earlier you get medical experts involved in your case assessment process, the faster you can weed out cases unlikely to succeed. We help you throughout the process and long before you instruct experts for court compliant reports saving you fortunes in disbursement write offs.

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inNeg’s experienced clinical negligence medical experts have the depth of knowledge needed to guide you every step of the way from initial enquiry to making sure all the right aspects of the claim are considered as and when they are discovered. Watch your success rates soar.

Over 1663 experts to work with

If an opinion is needed outside of our medical experts’ expertise they’ll get it for you as part of the screening process. We’ll help you find the best experts for your clients’ cases. With over 1660 clinical negligence medical experts on our portal we’ll save you more time and give you the best experts to present a sturdy case.

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