A Greener Way To Manage Your Cases

By Hannah Holt, Case Handler

This month we are celebrating being an entirely paperless office helping to improve our green credentials. Being environmentally friendly is something that both myself and Inneg take very seriously. Since 2011, we’ve operated as a “paperless” office; something that at the time was almost unheard of within the Medico-Legal sector.

“How do they do this?” I hear you ask.

We do this by converting all documents and medical records into a digital form, a process known as digitisation. We request all solicitor firms to send us records digitally, otherwise upon receipt of the paper records we immediately scan all the records and upload them to our secure server. We then either return or securely dispose of the records.

Having a paperless office with all our software password protected helps provide and ensure security for both client and expert’s information in line with GDPR regulations.

There are currently six members of our team who carry out the sourcing and management of expert witnesses for Clinical Negligence and Serious Injury Cases; from those six team members, the only “paper” that is held long-term for all those cases fits into one three shelf cabinet.

Considering the fact our business revolves around managing medical records. We have four key areas which we look to run paperless.

  1. A big step for us in our efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible is that we offer a ‘drag and drop upload service’ so your records can be uploaded directly onto our secure server without all those post office trips.
  2. Nearly all communication between our team and our clients is electronic, and when printing is required, it is almost always in black and white, and double sided.
  3. All shredded paper is recycled, all invoices are completed electronically and that’s not just for outgoing invoices, we even have a paperless process for incoming invoices too.
  4. We even offer digital monthly Case Management Reports, providing you with a detailed update of every case on our system and at what stage in the process each report is at.

The main benefits I see in the business as a result of being “green” are reduced costs, more efficient processes and improved client service as turnaround times are so much quicker.

Have you ever fancied working with an agency that can do it better, quicker and more efficiently? Try us out for yourself and you could be one step closer to managing a paperless office.

About the Author
Hannah Holt is a Case Handler and part of the Inneg Client Support Team.  Prior to joining Inneg, Hannah was a qualified Healthcare Assistant and puts her knowledge to good use when handling and sourcing experts for client’s cases.